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Date Posted: 4/19/2024

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Job Description

Why choose Logicalis?          


As Architects of Change, Logicalis' focus is to design, support and execute clients' digital transformation by uniting their vision with their technology expertise and industry insights. The company, through its deep understanding of key IT industry drivers such as security, cloud, data management and IoT, can address customer priorities such as revenue growth and business, operational efficiency, innovation, risk and compliance, data governance and sustainability. 

We strengthen our purpose: to design, support, and execute our customers' digital transformation by converging their vision with our technological expertise and knowledge of the industry. The brand refresh underpins both the evolution of Logicalis’ positioning as well as our strategic vision for growth. 

Job summary:

客服工程師負責受理客戶的報修案件,視處理情況將案件升級至二線工程師及技術經理。並執行定期維護工作與駐點任務的輪值。優秀的客服工程師必須要可以快速的處理客戶的基本問題,或縮小問題的可能原因以利二線工程師迅速排除障礙。由於客服工程師需要處理各類產品的問題,所以必須接受多元化的產品基本培訓,並能夠快速地累積專業經驗,以致晉任為二線工程師,CSE team 可以是公司技術人才培訓的一個重要管道。

The CSE (Customer Service Engineer) is responsible for accepting the service calls from the customer, and escalating the case to the Account engineer or Technical Manager based on complexity of the case. The CSE is in charge of Regular Maintenance and staging jobs. A good CSE is able to quickly solve the basic trouble or narrow down the possible causes before escalate to Account Engineer in order to fix customer’s problem efficiently. The CSE must handle many kinds of product problems, so they have to attend technical training for various products, increase experience in daily jobs for further promotion. Therefore, the CSE team is an important talent pool of technical staff.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 客戶報修問題處理
  • 駐點職務輪值
  • 設備定期維護
  • 設備檢測試
  • 專案人力支援
  • Handling with customer service requests
  • Customer site resident service on shift
  • Regular maintenance
  • Network and security devices staging.
  • Project support

Required Qualifications:

- Essential

  • 資訊相關科系畢業或受過半年以上的專業職能訓練課程
  • 具備基本的網路、系統與資安的基本知識
  • 溝通、表達能力佳,具團隊合作精神
  • 高度學習意願及服務熱忱
  • Computer Science/Information Technology majors or regular IT training not less than six months
  • Basic knowledge of networks, systems and security.
  • Good at communication, expression skills, teamwork and coordination.
  • High willingness to learn and enthusiasm for service job.

- Desirable

  • 具備相關專業證照如 CCNA,VCTA,MCSE等
  • IT相關工作經驗二年以上
  • Professional certification such as CCNA, VCTA, MCSE etc.
  • At least two years IT working experience

Required Competencies:

  • 聰明決策:客服工程師需要能夠依據檢測程序,在短時間之內判斷問題類型及故障原因回應客戶;並遵守SLA的要求,迅速將問題通報給二線工程師,請求協助解決。
  • 正面恢復力:作為第一線的技術服務窗口,會接觸到各類型的客戶與不同緊急程度的狀況,面對可能的溝通及技術壓力,必須憑藉服務熱忱與樂觀、正向的態度面對。
  • 自主學習:面對日新月異的技術,員工由工作中累積經驗及探索問題的主因,將學習的觸角擴展到各種可能領域,除自我成長外,也可能創造新的商機。
  • Smart decision-making: CSE needs to identify the type of problem, the possibly cause and make a decision whether to escalate or not in a short time based on customer’s SLA.
  • Positive resilience: As a service desk support, CSE have to communicate with various kinds of customers and face different priority of cases. Passion, motivation and positive attitude are required to competent for this role.
  • Self-driven Learning: Technology is developing rapidly, a well-trained CSE will expand their learning coverage to different categories to achieve self-growth.

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