Network Engineer (GNC) in Singapore at Logicalis

发布日期: 7/7/2024


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Why choose Logicalis?          


As Architects of Change, Logicalis' focus is to design, support and execute clients' digital transformation by uniting their vision with their technology expertise and industry insights. The company, through its deep understanding of key IT industry drivers such as security, cloud, data management and IoT, can address customer priorities such as revenue growth and business, operational efficiency, innovation, risk and compliance, data governance and sustainability. 

We strengthen our purpose: to design, support, and execute our customers' digital transformation by converging their vision with our technological expertise and knowledge of the industry. The brand refresh underpins both the evolution of Logicalis’ positioning as well as our strategic vision for growth. 

Function Description:
Performs engineering work in operations, production, construction or maintenance environments. Designs and scales up manufacturing processes, instruments and equipment and tests manufactured products to maintain quality. Plans, designs and estimates time and cost and oversees construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, systems and components. Analyzes and develops solutions to engineering problems related to manufacturing equipment and systems or the causes of component failures. Develops and applies engineering standards and procedures and provides advice on issues within the engineering field.

Career Type Description:
• Provides technical expertise in the oversight of a public and/or private network such as Internet protocol (IP) networks, wide, local and storage area networks (WANs, LANs, SANs) and public switched telephone networks
• Plans, designs, installs, maintains, monitors, analyzes, troubleshoots, modifies and supports network communications systems to provide maximum performance and availability
• Plans, designs, implements and supports LANs/WANs/SANs in the areas of Internet connectivity, capacity planning, routing, switching, server load balancing, network security and wireless
• Evaluates and reports on new communications technologies to enhance network capabilities

Profile Description:
• Has working knowledge and experience in own discipline
• Continues to build knowledge of the organization, processes and customers
• Performs a range of mainly straightforward assignments
• Uses prescribed guidelines or policies to analyze and resolve problems
• Receives a moderate level of guidance and direction

•• Has limited work experience involving basic concepts and procedures
•• Develops competence by performing structured work assignments
•• Uses existing procedures to solve routine or standard problems
•• Works under supervision and direction from more senior level roles

Career: Network Engineering
Career Type: Professional
Job Type: Analyst
Level: P09


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