Intern (實習生) in undefined at Logicalis

刊登日期: 2/20/2024


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Why choose Logicalis?          


As Architects of Change, Logicalis' focus is to design, support and execute clients' digital transformation by uniting their vision with their technology expertise and industry insights. The company, through its deep understanding of key IT industry drivers such as security, cloud, data management and IoT, can address customer priorities such as revenue growth and business, operational efficiency, innovation, risk and compliance, data governance and sustainability. 

We strengthen our purpose: to design, support, and execute our customers' digital transformation by converging their vision with our technological expertise and knowledge of the industry. The brand refresh underpins both the evolution of Logicalis’ positioning as well as our strategic vision for growth. 

Job summary:

We are searching for a proactive Sales Dept. Intern to conduct company policies, workflow systems, and deal with relating business matters, such as preparing PO and related documents for sale and support the engineering/project schedule to maximize quality and efficiency. This role will report to Tainan Office Director.

Job Responsibilities:

  • 熟悉公司規章及作業流程.
  • 善用公司系統操作及商用文書處理工具
  • 依業務需求提供報價文書及合約文件製作
  • 聯絡客戶,協調銷售前中後期各項訊息通知與聯繫作業
  • 定期並適時與主管做事項說明、追蹤檢討,成果報告

Required Qualifications:

- Essential

  • 個性主動積極,具備處理繁瑣事項能力、理解能力好、個性樂觀、喜歡與人接觸,有回報與溝通習慣。

- Desirable

  • 具備實務商務經驗,理解商務作業流程。
  • 具備ERP 或類似工作系統操作經驗。

Required Competencies:

  • (Level 1) – 需具備良好的人際互動關係。
  • (Level 2) – 需具備抗壓性與耐挫力,可面對未來的工作屬性。
  • (Level 2) – 辨別事情輕重緩急,當責並安排各項處理工作。


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